South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet


so tomorrow @2


Gonna be like 10 minutes late


I don’t see anyone


Monday was fun, anyone up for sometime this weekend?? ???

(SlimJoe) #65

Only if its at young circle park and not ty park.


How does Friday sound? Maybe 330 at young circle?

(SlimJoe) #67

I’m down with that.

Any one else?


Could we do a meet during Thanksgiving break?


Of course we can


I will be their tomorrow but maybe a little late cause I have to get out of school.


See you there

(SlimJoe) #72

See you guys at 330!

(SlimJoe) #73

I’ll be by the concert.

(SlimJoe) #74

So when is the next meet?


Idk you guys tell me


I hate to do this but I can’t do anything this weekend. I am leaving for universal on Friday and coming back late Sunday. I may be able to do something tomorrow but slim chance. if anything, for sure sometime next week.

(SlimJoe) #77

My thanksgiving break starts on next Thursday. Anyone wanna have a meet next Saturday?


I’m working Saturday


my dad just destroyed and put my yoyo’s in the trash :frowning:

(SlimJoe) #80