South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet


Don’t worry Ernie I’ll give you a yoyo


Ernies dad trashed his yoyos :’( and I can’t meet this weekend either


Don’t worry ima take care of Ernie and can we meet thanksgiving weekend? And I just ordered a production run yeti!!!


I’m free this weekend Sunday through sunday


Ok soo how does Friday sound for everyone? Young circle at noon???

(SlimJoe) #86

I can make it, but itll only be for a little.


I am good for Friday. also, just wanted to shout out that the mystery box is this week. It is 45$ for 140$ worth of stuff.


you can count me in :stuck_out_tongue:

(SlimJoe) #89

So what time?


How does noon sound for everyone

(SlimJoe) #91

12? That’s fine.



(SlimJoe) #93

I’ll be there! With a few things for sale!


i will be there tomorrow at 12. Too bad i’m broke

(SlimJoe) #95

ill be there at 12. Same spot!!


I’m here

(SlimJoe) #97

On my way!

(SlimJoe) #98

Heads up Ernie, I got the bearing out. You can have it back. Remind me to bring it next meet haha!


want to schedule the next meet, can anyone make It this weekend. let me know ;D


Just wait till after finals dude I can’t do anything till then