South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet

(SunCacti) #101

i live in wellington florida


Sweat dude maybe you can come down one week

(SlimJoe) #103

My finals end on weds. I’m up for a meet after that.

What about you Jordan?


Same I end on Wednesday too! So I’m down but this weekend I’m going out of town for a few days


I am good for this weekend. I got my mystery box on Saturday for my birthday. I got 3 New yoyo’s ;D


I’m ganna be out of town


Yo Joe, Lemme know if you catch an eye on any OD fades


Midterms are over on Thursday and their Is no school on Friday so could we meet this weekend? ??



(SlimJoe) #110


Anyhoo, ill be sleeping over a friend’s house on friday, so it would have to be at noon. Anyone else down?


Fridays good. so noon?
I will bring my long board and all my new throws.

(SlimJoe) #112

Friday at 12. Be there!


I will be there. Steven try to remember the bearing. Thx

(SlimJoe) #114



I may be a little late because I am taking the bus


I’m here

(SlimJoe) #117

Almost there


Yo let’s meet this week


What day did you have in mind?