South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet

(SlimJoe) #121

I’m down.


Saturday’s fine with me


I work at 5 so I can meet early afternoon

(SlimJoe) #124

sat at 12?


Sounds good


I will be there ;D

(SlimJoe) #127

See you guys there!

(SlimJoe) #128

I’m there!


Meeting at young circle at 11:00am.


So everyone can make Saturday at 12?? Same place (young circle)

(SlimJoe) #131



Damn yo, this seems like a great idea. Can’t make saturday but i’ll definitely be at the next one with my friend Nick 8)

(SlimJoe) #133

Check your PMs, there are no current meetings scheduled. Hit me up and we can set up a time to meet.


Same me, new name. I’m down for a meet anytime with all y’all. So stoked that I’m not the only person that takes yoyo seriously down here in SoFlo. Just got a new YYF aviator ;D



Dude that’s awesome we will definitely meet soon hopefully we can get these meetings filled with people


Last minute but we are meeting at young circle tomorrow at 12.

(SlimJoe) #137

Meeting on Sunday at Young circle. 12 PM. Be there!


I’ll be there


I’m gonna be there :smiley:


Anyone else wanna come?