South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet


We are meeting this Saturday. It will be at young circle at 12:00. Everyone is welcome new or old.


Hopefully I can make it out there on Saturday!


Yes I want these meets to have a bunch of people


South Florida yoyo meet at young circle Saturday March 8 at 12 pm be there or be square


I’ll be there! So if you want to try some General-Yo go! See you guys there!


Make sure you guys go to the meet tomorrow if you want to tryout some General-Yo! See you guys!


im into it ill c u guys there saturday :smiley:


Hey guys I can’t make it this Saturday sorry


Does this still exist? I’m ready for a meet-up whenever you are.


yup next saturday at young circle in hollywood florida i will be there :slight_smile:


Hey! I live in Boynton Beach and would definitely love to get a meet started. Let me know whats up!!


My 10 year old son is in Lake Worth and would love to find people locally to throw with - so let me know if others want to set up a date.

I know there is a meeting every 2 weeks in Ft Lauderdale, just not sure when the next one is.



Who’s going to IYYC in Downtown Disney in Orlando August 1&2? I think I’ll be there.


Meet on 7/12 at noon?

(Alex Laszacs) #155

Are y’all hosting yoyo meet today? And if so where?

(Danniel campomezzi ) #156

Is this still a thing. I use to throw a lot but haven’t thrown in a long time wouldn’t mind getting together with some people for a meet and greet and throw some.

(Pastor Browning) #157

Heyyyyyy… so it’s only 5 years later, hehe, but all kinds of Facebook friends’ Messenger chats pop up for me that weren’t hit up last since 2013, either, and that didn’t seem like that long ago I argued with them, either.
I’m a relatively old man.
I thought it was cool moefv said “God Bless”, that was genuinely pretty righteous. I used to think all that was pretty lame until I had incredible experiences and became a preacher. My wife and I started a church last year and I thought it would wake up young, cool kids who were bored during a sermon, by seeing the guy in the “priest clothes” suddenly whip out a pair of day-go loopers and start laying down some 2A at the pulpit.
We’re in the outer North parts of the Tampa Bay area, Florida. We will be having weekly services here beginning very soon, the whole church plant is incorporated & in its final stages with board of directors and all that jazz – so the place will be rented already for services andbible study, but with time left over. The Odessa Community Center, it looks like will be it, on Chesapeake Drive… I can get it for like $15 an hour…otherwise it’s locked up and closed. The park is open with a nice boardwalk and tennis and basketball. It’s not an uppity place but seriously not a bad hood or anything. Just not a highly financed county facilities-wise, so we’ll cheer it up ourselves.
We’re an “older” couple of 48 years, but maybe with at least one additional adult, like a parent or guardian of a young guest (not me alone, creep factor for kids and liability factor for me, standard stuff like in church) we could bring an all-ages group together for the sport more than a similarly-aged peer thing. Just thinking out loud. All adults fine too but… maybe not as likely?
Just loving the sport, fairly new back into it (never got far before) but really, really enjoying throwing now. Easier than playing banjo.

({John15}) #158

Yoyos, faith, banjo, profile picture is a nebula… can we be internet best friends? I live in Texas lol

(Pastor Browning) #159

Hi smileypants707 – hehe, it’s true that affirmation and fellowship does benefit from the internet despite propagation of anything negative. I met a guy in Canada who is just totally righteous making music and starting an organization (both he and I thought we were intellectually above organized religion before things happened that led to miraculous signposts that surprised us) as well as a totally awesome guy Martin Young from who also likes the sci fi I grew up on. They’ve both really encouraged me in radio ministry and church planting, as well as just being way cool guys period. I thought I could incorporate yoyo into certain gatherings, hee.
Nice to meet you. I’m making slow progress on the banjo. Go figure I had to choose 3-finger picking over the frailing that starts out easier.