Guys I’m just posting this to say I’m not going to be posting much this week because I will be practicing my hardest everyday to learn new tricks for the Oklahoma state competition. Today is Saturday May 30th and the contest is next Saturday. Later guys and wish me luck.

Keep it spinning™

Good luck Robert! I hope you have fun and do well!

Good luck!
And whatever you do, just remember to have fun up there, relax, dont take it too seriously, just have fun!

Best of luck to you!

You will do great!


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Good Luck Robert! Like Jayyo said, have fun!

Best of luck,
I might go to a sports ladder on saturday too, but no where near Oklahoma

Good luck ;D

Hey rob remember keep it spinning!

Probably a good idea. I have heard most pros do that.

Addment: Really nice post by the way. Love it.

good luck…hope you win!!!

Make a video while you’re at it! We would love to see your experience. Also tell us what that trick is.

Haha thanks man and I will.

Thanks dude. You all have been a great help.

Dude knowing my mom I wont be able to leave that place with out our camera’s memory full. Heck, she will probably use both cards. And the tricks i have been learning are Pop in fresh, black hops, kamikaze, spirit bomb, and throw hand grind. Later.

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Ladder Division, simple yet hard.

May the force be with you.

Well it seems I won’t be going to my first contest this Saturday because well we don’t got the money to get up there and back. So I will be use the money I do have to a Get that new DM. Man I want one of those SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Later.

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ah! that is sad. but the dm should make up for it ;D lol. or you could wait till the 12th and get a new breed

New Breed! New Breed!

Nah I’m gonna get the DM. You can get the new breed any time but this DM is a one in a life thing. Later.

Keep it spinning™


thats true. lol good choice