Sorry Yoyos

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted but I am back to introduce my new company Sorry Yoyos! We are aimed to be the communty’s company. We want to integrate urban culture with yoyoing to open the market to a whole new variety of inner city and urban players similar to what Zoo York and Baker are doing for skateboarding. We understand that “urban” may not be everyone’s thing so we are also incorporating metal, pop, Japanese, Philipino, and whatever culture you guys find interesting. We want this to be YOUR yoyo company! You guys will decide which routes we take and which designs go into our yoyos etc. We have recieved support from top players like John Narum, Paul Escolar, Noel Kunz, Sebastian Brock, Bryan Jardin, Sean Perez, and more! Check out the design for our first and highly talked about yoyo called the “Ratchet”! We sold HALF our run in just a few days! Now that’s what I call love! Also feel free to give us a like on Facebook at

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looks pretty cool, love seeing new designs!

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Thank you! That means a lot!

welcome :slight_smile: what kinda specs does it have? diameter, width, and weight?

Specs are as follows :slight_smile:

47.00 wide
4.45 gap
54.50 diameter
66.48 grams
One Drop Pad Response
Size C bearing

Cool! Would love to see a cup shot!

Here ya go! :slight_smile:

Cool specs and cool weight distribution! Interested to see how it plays!

Very interesting. All I know for sure is that I like your logo. Simple, yet effective.

So wide… but I love my Revenger and it’s even 1mm wider.

So I ordered one.

Colourway: “Drank”. I’ll let you figure out what (solid) colour it is based on the name. :wink:

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Ahhh man that’s too funny. I wish “official” yoyo companies named their colourways like this too.

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Thank you! We’re trying out a few different looks.

Haha Greg! You’re the man!

Also did I mention the price point is $60 :slight_smile:

that’s pretty good :slight_smile: may have to pick one up!

Love the design, especially the width! Seems like it would be very well suited for grooves :slight_smile:

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Love the design, especially the width! Seems like it would be very well suited for grooves :slight_smile:

Looks like a pretty interesting design. I would definitely like to see how it would play. And good luck with the up and coming company.

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I’m excited that Sorry has made the smart decision to go with mid-weighting on a wide design. Without actually having the yoyo in hand to confirm (of course), I strongly suspect that this will help it stay smooth (apparently rim-weighted and wide are not a recipe for smoothness!) but it should also help it with feeling lighter than its already reasonable 66g weight.

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Thank you! We had a lot of elements in mind when designing this yoyo. Grinds, finger spins, speed, horizontal, tech.

Thank you! We will have promo videos as soon as possible and we will be sponsoring some contests so we may run into eachother!

That’s EXACTLY what me and Landon had in mind when we were designing it! The first design was too thin and had a slight risk for vibe so we figured a mm would fix it and then we thought, let’s just do 2 more for good measure and for extra smoothness hahaha!