Sorry Yoyos

I was very excited about this yoyo, until i saw the website.

Yoyos should not be associated with people in there underwear.

That’s odd. We cleaned up all imagery for the sake of the community. :slight_smile:

I would have left it the way it was. Right from the beginning.

Never settle on who you are or want to be for the sake of sales. People will find them if they are good regardless of the whiners.


Amen bob

Awesome! And by the way, SolidWorks is an awesome program :wink:

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You’re right in every every sense. I think what we’re gonna do is tone down our image for our contest and event presence for the sake of promotion and smart business moves and keep everything the same on social media since little kids shouldn’t have a Facebook or instagram anyway. Also, they get exposed to women in bikinis when they go to the beach so a at the end of the day it’s not like they’ve never seen it. If kids don’t like bikinis then they can buy a duncan or yomega. Something more family oriented. Sorry Yoyos is a company aimed at adults since that’s a majority of the high end yoyo market anyway. :slight_smile:

Indeed it is haha!

Why not?

Right?! I yoyo in my underwear all the time!

A variety of reasons

  • It’s crass
  • Objectification of women
  • Basic decency
  • It has nothing to do with yoyos. How then, could it help sell yoyos?
    Why would people try to use it?

Thank god it was a bikini instead. Phew!

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People need to chill.


I did not describe what i saw in detail…

I am fed up with it so much in real life that i don’t need to see it on a yoyoing forum.

Feel free to sell yoyos, but your condoning the wrong things while your at it.

Sorry for my rant, attack me if you will.


^took it a bit to far.
(Not a personal attack, but call it what you will)

Ok, im just so fed up with it, i will tone it down.

Prime example of home schooling.

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Yeah, I don’t know where you live but I don’t see any nudity when I go outside, and if I did I would be happy.

Just a kid respecting the kind wishes of others…

Whose wishes?