Unity yoyos

Hey everyone! Grant here. Some of you know me as the guy who gave you free string. Some of y’all know me from the BST. Some of you don’t know me at all. For the past 6 months I’ve been working on a special project that I’m now happy to introduce to everyone.

Welcome to Unity Yoyos.
Yoyos have this inexplicable ability to tie us all together, no matter location, language, or skill level. With Unity Yoyos, we hope to expand that connection further with yoyos meant for every player, new or old, competitive or casual, technical or tame. We’re excited to announce the release of our first yoyo, The Affinity. Keep yourself posted.

Unity Yoyos.
Tied together.


These look nice! What are the specs?

Width - 46mm
Diam - 55mm
Weight - 64g
7075 aluminum alloy.


Such a good yoyo!!


Yeah it is! Thank you for all the help with it!


Right in my wheelhouse !

Its a super good yoyo. Although im kinda biased to it just cuz ive put alot of work into this thing. :sweat_smile:


Well, I guess ya can’t go wrong with Wright.

But I wasn’t sure I should just take that for ‘Granted’:scream_cat:


Congratulations Grant!!!

@yoyodoc droppin the puns. :joy:

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@JEA86 thanks buddy!

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What does the cup look like?



Congratulations man this yo-yo looks sweet !!! I’m excited for unity yoyos !!!

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Hey are you gonna make it available in all regions?

You can order one off there.

Just got it. Only threw it a few times so far. Feels sort of like a lighter Top Deck. Looking forward to going home and spending more time with it.


Hows is it?

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Very excellent! I’ve been throwing it along with my Top Deck since yesterday. They are like siblings and while the Affinity is a touch lighter it behaves much like a Top Deck - very forgiving, super smooth and a pure joy to throw and comfortable in every way.

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