Gingie's Aggressor review


Can’t wait to give this one a go!

Question is…. Does Gingie give it an SS tier? :+1:

Where can we find more details? Maybe I missed the announcement. @KirbyRobot Looks really nice.

Edit: I didn’t realize the Aggressor is more than a year old. Only 15 produced? Doing more?


Like the art on it. One of these days I have a dream of getting my graffiti onto a yoyo haha.


There is a production run currently in the works, with a drop expected to happen on YYE. I believe they will be $100. From the r/throwers discord, Gingie said -

"This is a yoyo a long-time coming. Designed late at night by Jordan Blofeld (OPYoyos and Smashing Yoyo Company) with my ideal Yoyo in mind. It needed to be powerful, fast, controllable, and capable. Aggressor needed to be a yoyo that could do everything and anything I wanted, without being too much. The Aggressor needed to be in the nuanced position of being more than capable, while not being unpleasantly excessive. Not so fast it was uncontrollable, not so powerful it hurt, and not too much rim weight to avoid that rim-weighted sluggishness sensation, all of these all too common in bimetals.

I essentially wanted a yoyo with absolutely no restrictions in play. Absolute freedom of choice with no doubts. Whether it be at home, or eventually, on stage.

A shape inspired by Japanese bimetals, a generalist playstyle, a splash of American design elements, and of course, some of Jordan’s own designs all come together to make the Aggressor. Inspired by many, but imitating none.

Certainly, it’s my favorite yoyo, as it’s designed for me. But, it’s a yoyo just flat-out designed to be extremely good.

Colors will be Blasted Deep Purple with Silver Rims and Polished Hot Pink with Gold Rims

Actual production specs are
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 44.01mm
Weight. 63.45g
Gap Width: 4.61mm
Axle: 12mm M4 Axle"


specs look promising, super excited

So, I meant to do a small preorder campaign here on the forums… But I ran out. :skull_and_crossbones:

The 15 that exist right now are all essentially friends and family editions and are the only 15 that exist atm. 13 Blues and 2 Clears. There’s more coming though.

The official public run is coming to YYE. Probably in a month or two. We’ll see.


Ok, so now I’m a little confused. Is this a collab between the 3 of you? I’m also not familiar with YYC.

Thanks for the info!! I’m totally in on that purple.

Sorry for the confusion! Nope, not a part of it! I’m just on the public discord and knew the info, and I was bored this morning, so I thought i’d share it. :slight_smile:


Which discord channel? R/throwers?