43mm Bi-Metal with some huge AF rims. Sengoku Masamini.

(Jordan Blofeld) #1

10 made. 5 red, 5 blue. I love it.


I want one of those so bad!

(Owen) #3



Such a shame that there’s only 10 made. I’d love to have one. I think there is a sizable market for one of these, if it goes for the right price.




64.8 g of undersized goodness. At that weight, and only 43 mm, it has to feel like a full size, so cool.


That is too cool! :o

…want …want …want


Agreed. To see something so funky and different is truly awesome… I really really do want one. Julio once again knocking it out of lé parqué with his “here’s an innovative new yoyo that’s screaming for you to buy it” game.

Good news for us, he has confirmed on Reddit (and apparently facebook) that he will make more.

Today is a good day. ;D


How wide are the rings? A v shape like that typically does not leave much room for rim weight accumulation. If somebody makes one that is popstar or rt shape i m definitely in

(Jordan Blofeld) #10

You can see from the pictures, though they’re probably tapered on the inside to match the shape of the yoyo and end up with more of a triangle cross section.

I’m having a lot of fun with it right now

(Spinworthy Glen) #11

I got mine today. I’ve got to say, my first impressions are very positive. Has the feeling of a serious yoyo rather than just a novelty.


“A v shape like that typically does not leave much room for rim weight accumulation”
lol, i never made a yoyo with heavier rings, Nobunaga or Masamune doesn´t come even close, Steel is dense enough to fit more than half weight in a small area.

Another shape on a pocket size will have too small catch zone, the idea is to make it as playable as the big guys, and it is, you can do anything that big throws can and much more than any pocket yoyo ever before, specially in power.


#jealous ;D


I would love one of these! I hope I notice the future runs.

(Jordan Blofeld) #15

I hear from Julio that it won’t be long now. These weren’t sold publicly, only offered to his friends.