Introducing the Moment Yoyos Chronos.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 64.5 grams

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Can we see a shot of that shiny one’s hub?

Here you go:


I really like the shape.

looks great.

Sweet! Reminds me to finally prototype the Manticore…

Wow I like the look of this one slot. Hopefully I get to try one out


where did you put the weight?

It is heavily rim weighted with a wall that gets progressively thinner towards the hub.

I love mine.

I’m curious…
the rims doesn’t look that thick, but that rim area looks quite wide. I want to try one of these…

I think the last photo looking down at the side is a little deceptive and makes it look thinner than I remember. Look at the yoyo on the bottom in the first photo for a better idea.

The rims are deceptively thick. There is a slight step after the main rim, making them appear slightly thinner than they are. They are also nearly half an inch wide. There is also quite a bit of weight right where the wall meets the rim.

Wow! Looks very promising, hopefully i can get to try one sooner or later.

Release date??

I have not set a date yet, but my goal is to have them out within the next two months. I still have quite a few details to work out.

Enough time to build up the anticipation and make room in the yoyo budget ;D