Yoyo Design!


Hey guys! ;D I made this on Cubify Invent, a 3D rendering software. You can get it for free for 2 weeks (I still got 9 days), and it’s very easy to build a profile of an object and revolve it.

The blue parts highlighted in the Sky photo are the out and inside parts of the circle. The gap in between would be intended for weighting of some variety. Similar with the spike set in the middle if additional weighting would be required.

Tell me what you think!


Final stats:

Diameter: ~60mm
Width: ~45mm
Weight: Unknown (Properties is bugged for some reason after editing), but I’m going for around 67 grams.
Looking into Tungsten rings for weighting adding approximately 15-20 grams on each rim depending on density. Also interested in designing plastic caps to envelop the circular portion of the yoyo to provide protection to the actual rim and perhaps an option of a little extra weight.



It looks really cool!

But don’t you think it’s a little thin on some parts?


looks like it might spit in half if you ding it in some places :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t thought about it too much. xD

You both do bring up a good point though. I haven’t really looked into the plastic in terms of strength, and even if I did, I would be most comfortable just testing the strength of it myself. Sadly any form of prototyping would be a long way away seeing that I’m lacking funds and receiving the required products would take a couple months as well.

Research time! Thanks guys

(WildCat23) #6

Plastic? That’ll be really light.


The second post has all the specs. :wink: I’d be looking at Tungsten rings for a proper weighting, sadly I can’t seem to get the Properties function to work right. That or I’ve been misreading it this whole time…


if you look at the CAD of some other yoyo’s, there pretty thin as well, so it might be fine.

(WildCat23) #9

What goes in the center?


I’m guessing you’re asking about the spike? I kinda stuck it on there in case I’d need more weighting. I discovered I was in fact misreading the properties. I kept missing the EE at the end… Silly me! Turns out I would more than likely not need it if I was using Tungsten rings for the rim weighting. However, if I used aluminum, I’d have to either expand the rim or I could stuck some sort of aluminum puck in there to help with weight. I’ve seen yoyos with weight focused on both the center and rims, but I’ve never thrown one myself.

And here’s a better profile with bearing and silicone slots added. :smiley:

Wasn’t too sure how far the silicone should go in, so I put it at 1mm. Anybody have an actual idea of the depth? And I more than likely plan on making the extended portion thicker.

(WildCat23) #11

Try something more like this for the bearing seat and silicone recess


This is what I got! I also made the spike shorter and made it a right triangle so a disc would fit in there if it would be needed. I’m interested in exaggerating the inner part of the yoyo, perhaps an H or I shape. Further work shall be done regarding that, and I think this will remain a design as well. :smiley:

(YoYoStringLab) #13

It looks like the bearing seat is backwards compared to the sample provided.


Oh? All I did was flip it upside down. I thought there was no way the bearing would fit with the rounded portion. Or am I misunderstanding what you said? :-\

(Kei) #15

Looks awesome though

(WildCat23) #16

Looking better, but there is still a fatal flaw. Your inside wall is too thick. Even for plastic. I would suggest making it thinner once you find the strength of the plastic your using.


i you make it out of plastic i will buy it


Thanks! ;D If it happens, it won’t be for probably another year honestly. If the time ever comes around I’ll make a B/S/T with some on it perhaps.


It looks kinda like a metropolis but a little more angular


Just spotted a new yoyo company (RAyoyo) that actually gets their yoyos machined by OneDrop, so I may delve into the possibility of designing metal yoyos as well. ;D Hopefully something happens…