CloudString (yoyo)


Hello everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that Cloud String has finished our first run of yoyos!

The Cloud String Ultimate

They feature a Magnesium body with Tungsten weight rings, magnesium is 2/3 the weight of aluminum and tungsten is almost twice as dense as Lead. This gives the yoyo exceptional stability and spin times, while also being very light.

Diameter: 47
Width: 37
Weight: 62.5
Bearing size: C


Wow! Looks amazing! Those are two rarely used metals for sure, I can only think of one other throw with tungsten rings.

(InvaderDust) #3

Looks really nice. sharp dressed throw for sure.


Wow that is a sharp yoyo! Looks very different and good I’d love to try it.


How much and where to buy?


Looks painful. :-\


I designed this yoyo to maximize as far a competition goes, the corners look sharp but are actually quite soft.

I have tested lots of prototypes to see how far I could comfortably push the aerodynamics

(Spinworthy Glen) #8

That really will hurt.

Also, 47mm diameter is not what is typically considered as competition spec.


I love the magnesium/tungsten concept, but the design looks a little too sharp for my taste.


That throw will do lacerations really easily.:stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great! Where do I sign?


If you made a somewhat organic throw with the same concept and color scheme :heart_eyes::+1::blush: it looks gorgeous but a bit sharp for me.


Getting very close :slight_smile:


Awesome! Any idea on price?


Looks great! I tend to like sharper yoyos compared to organic so just one more throw to spend my savings on😂


As much as this yoyo isn’t my style I can definitely appreciate the vision and engineering behind it! Gonna probably cost a pretty penny as well


Good god if it’s affordable, googling it now.