Review for MagicYoyo T9 Dark Angel

This is a unique little yoyo. Although it was made in China and is very cheap, the reality of it all is this is a solid yoyo. Magicyoyo is kind of an underground company but they are certainly starting to make a name with cheap products like this one which came out in 2011. Now, lets move on to the main points.

Weight(g)- 64.00
Diameter (mm)- 49.00
Width (mm)- 39.00
Gap Width (mm)- 4.62
Bearing Size- Size C (Large)
Response- Silicon Pad
Average Price- around $20

Floaty. This thing will whip, play fast, play slow, or anything else you throw at it! The yoyo feels comfortable in the hand even when it hits hard. The finish although it is a shiny ano it actually grinds fairly well. THIS THING IS SMOOTH AND SILENT(at least when you take the hubstacks off)! In rim grinds are also alright on this little angel(of course without the hubstacks on), there are sharp edges on the rims that jut out just enough to preform a nice in rim grind. Although not the best, the bearing on this fella runs smoothly and as I mentioned, very quietly.

Cons: The stock response on this is certainly not the best, she tends to snag when you pull up to do a finger grind or any other grind. This problem might just be that I haven’t broken in the string yet or the string is too old(problem mainly occurs after I put a new string on or before I take a new string off). In addition, I got the yoyo and noticed right away that it seemed like the response system didn’t fit quite right(I took a spoon and straightened it out:). The “zstacks” on the yoyo are fun at first, but very VERY LOUD! The zstacks also make the yoyo feel heavier and and sluggish. Also one of the zstacks was really wobbly. vibe, this yoyo has some vibe some of the time. though most of the time it plays quite dead, I think it has just enough to let you know when it should come up. I have one minor imperfection in the paint where they missed just a tiny little spot(not a big deal hardly noticeable) I guess I could complain about the bearing but it’s really not that bad at all.

Other thoughts:
I really wish I had some yoyos to compare this to. I have some, but I don’t think anyone would recognize any of them except a popstar and maybe a zen 5. That being said, this yoyo does not play like either yoyo.

The bottom line:
This thing is a beast. It might not look like much but without the caps on this contraption will do whatever you want it to! This yoyo is the perfect combination of weighty and floaty! If you’re looking for a yoyo that does it all for a cheap price THIS IS THE ONE! Seriously, this is my favorite yoyo. I might not have the most expensive yoyos but I know a good yoyo when I play it and this one is fantastic! I haven’t written reviews on my other yoyos because they were either not review worthy or were over reviewed.

Good review. :slight_smile:

I also have this yoyo and I’d disagree with the part where you say it can play fast. Whenever i try to play it fast , it loses balance and starts tilting like the leaning tower of pisa then it just falls of the string. Maybe that has got something to do with me not taking the hubstacks off or my style of play. But in all that was a great review.

holly crap!

i recieved mine today… i was like wooot! not bad!

then 2 hours later i tried some horizontal with it, hit one of my walls, it totally screw the yoyo like ****!
there’s a big silver hole on it…lol; it went from mint to BEATEN in like 3 sec!!

the metal quality used SUCKS

i think they use 6061 aluminum

no, not even close, they use a heavier and cheaper metal, hence them making undersize yoyo most of the time

only the N12 and the new iYO purpleline are from 6061 … i wonder what they do use for the rest, cause it REALLy feels like crap…yea, never buying from em again, i prefer saving up and getting a hi end

A high end doesnt make you better. Its the player not the yoyo. I have 20 metal yoyos. Many high ends like the positron. But most of the time i play with the t5, because it plays amazing. The metal is fantastic imo. Plastics are also good like the northstar or c3yoyodesign alpha crash.

who talked anything about getting better? i just pointed out the metal used was crappy

Magicyoyo makes 10$ throws, and they are worth the price, you get what you pay for,
i’m not even complaining, i’m just saying i’ll never buy another.

And i only wanted say that they are not crappy imo ^^ and theres no need for a high end. It plays good as all the other high ends.

This is an opinion, not a fact. And, as a matter of fact, you ARE complaining.

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