magic t8 "magic shadow"

I have play this yoyo for a month and all i can say is that it out plays most yoyos i own,

Material: Aluminum
Width: 36 mm
Diameter: 56.4 mm
Weight: 70 grams
Gap: 4.4 mm
Bearing: Size C
shape: extreme H or H shape

first impressions\

when i first unboxed it looked very simlair to a yyf g5 but without stacks. it came with poly string amd a Chinese koncave. the ano was great even for a cheap yoyo with laser engraveing with the company name and the yoyo name/code. the response is some type of silicone but it lasts for a long time.

on throw
on the first throw it was good but was very loud, so i switch to a twisted trifecta and it bring out its true potential. also to make it even better that it can grind for atleast 10 seconds at best and still have enough spin for a short combo and it does horizontal greatly.last it has almost no vibe and no tilt.


softer aluminium
less color choices

i hope i did well for a first time review.

I think magic yoyo used ten ball concave bearings, you really should clean it and lube it and see how it plays.

Mine should be arriving any day now. But it seems like this company is really making a name for itself…

Only the very first few old runs have 10-ball kk, They’re all 8-balls now.

Is this a good thing?

Neither good nor bad really. The bearings are still good.

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