magic yoyo what do i do??

okay I was given this magic yoyo called the shadow t8 I think and I really don’t know what to think its just in my opinion trash is there something I can do with this yoyo, I have some noobs i’m teaching to yoyo, but this yoyo doesn’t seem real beginner friendly. man the thing is so messed up it snaps back once in a while but I think I tuned it out. the yoyo came to me with no bearing so I put a bearing from my old shaqler in it

The yoyo itself is fine. Ur set up with response bearing or string could be a little off.

What problems are you running into now?

oh yeah i have this yoyo mine came with a koncave in it i think it just matters if you bought it with i think it matters from who you bought it from cause i got mine from amazon straight from magic yoyos themselves.

okay I have a yyf konkave the type that comes on a shaqler star with a toxic metz on it that helps the really anemic bind it has the yoyo originally came with a flat open bearing but the original user was messing with the bearing and the balls came out. I fixed the snap back prob with a little thin lube I was just kinda wondering what the thing really is I know absolutely nothing about magic yoyos

also how much is the thing I looked on the site and haven’t found the price yet

i have a magic yoyo. the worst part about is the response, which you can easily switch to something you like. i recall that the string that came with it was quite thick, so maybe you should try switching strings. i don’t think i would call any yoyo “trash”; most yoyos can do what any other yoyo can. in fact, i did one of my hardest tricks on a magic yoyo.