Magic yoyo Magistrate N6

This is a review of the Magic Yoyo N6

Diameter: 51.30 mm

Width: 41.30 mm

Gap Width: 4.72 mm

Weight: 66.50 g

Body Shape: H-Profile

Body Material: Aluminum

Bearing: Concave KK

Bearing Size: Size C (Large)

Response: Silicon Pad

This yoyo is very smooth and quiet. It fits in your hand very comfortably. It is only around $20.00. It has a cool shape. I got the gold and it is very nice. I do recommend this yoyo.

Cheap price
Cool shape
Very comfortable
Nice color
Very smooth
Very quiet
Good for grinds

Vibe (If you just touch very easily while its spinning it will get smoother)


Psst, you overpaid for this yoyo. You could get one for $10.

I have one of these too, and I really like it. I don’t know what vibe you’re talking about - mine’s fairly smooth, it might just be your throw. For the price, it’s great, it just feels a little hollow/cheap compared to my other throws. I’d definitely recommend it as a fun little yoyo to add to your collection.