Magicyoyo N6 and T10!

Well, here’s another review of Magicyoyo’s N6 and T10 from me! Hope you like it!

First yoyo: The Magicyoyo N6 Magistrate!

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 66.5g
Width: 41.3mm
Diameter: 51.3mm
Gap Width: 4.72mm
Bearing Type: Concave
Response Type: Silicone response pads

My first thought on this yoyo was how wierd it looked: it has indents that curve inwards, which I have never seen before! It looks like a N5 that was polished over and crunched up during creation and BAM! There’s the N6 Magistrate!

The Magistrate that I got costs only 20$, and you couldn’t ask for better… The concave bearing is the best bearing I got from the company! The N6 never tilted for me once and is the perfect grinder! It has the same grinding lip for thumb grinds as the N5, but I find the N5 poor for thumb grinds, and this one excels… Maybe because of weight and width? I don’t know, hopefully someone can clarify that for me!

Many times I was playing 1A I felt like it stopped spinning, because it plays so quietly! The weight balances it out perfectly. Many people have had mixed thoughts on these yoyos, and I’ve never had a single hint of doubt! Worse case scenario, if you don’t like it, switch out the bearing and re-silicone it! Simple as that!

I’ve played a LITTLE 5A with it, and I must say it plays really well! Mind you, I’m not the best 5A player, and I mainly stick to 1A, throwing a little 5A or offstring here and there!

The looks of the yoyo surprised me, as I mentioned, because it looks like a revised version of the N5!
It comes with Magistrate designed on the sides of the yoyo, exactly like the Desperado design on the N5… The logo on both sides of the yoyo is EXACTLY like the N5, except N6 Magistrate, contrary to the N5 Desperado!

Well, another great yoyo from Magicyoyo! I’m kind of hoping the YYE sells these yoyos, but I have a problem with that… That is, knowing that I cannot just afford the best yoyos out there, I resulted to buying Magicyoyos… If YYE sells them, I fear they may UP the prices a lot, and I would not be able to afford them anymore…

-Odd shape
-Good grinds
-Great bearing
-Awesome colors

-Bad string


Magicyoyo T10!

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 64.5g
Width: 37mm
Diameter: 51mm
Gap Width: 4.62mm
Bearing Type: Concave
Response Type: Silicone Response Pads

Man, pink goes good with the T10! The shape is odd, resembling an ILYY Sakura (Yes, I looked through the shop until I found a shape like it xP)

The Z-stacks are all alike from Magicyoyo, the one’s I got are Orange… And it goes perfect with pink! The bearings spin for a long time, but as always, are quite loud. BUT I DON’T MIND! For less then 20$, who cares?

The yoyo is amazing for grinds, and if you take off the stacks, it reveals a rather nice design with Magicyoyo T10 written! The tumb grinds are good, but are hard to land because of the metal rod sticking out for the stacks :slight_smile:

The T10 plays smooth for 1A, but sadly, I haven’t tried any 5A or offstring (OBVIOUSLY :P)
The bearing it came with isn’t any good, which disappointed me, so I switched it out and it’s like nothing bad ever happened to it!

How many times do I have to say BUY THESE YOYOS!!! They are unbelievable! Just ask Studio42, Yoyoexpert forums eXpert! He loves these yoyos! Who wouldn’t for the price?

Well, for the price, I love it. No doubt in my mind!

-Awesome shape!
-Good price
-Awesome stacks!
-Good grinds

-Bad string
-Bad bearing
-Loud stacks

I agree.

Yes, Magic YoYos:
The string that it comes with, I don’t know what it is, but it’s worth tossing immediately and using anything else you prefer.

Response pads: silicone them. Otherwise, a bit of extra loop will solve the problem.

Bearings: I’ve had wonderful luck with them but failure is always an option. Be prepared.

Side stack bearings: I am planning to yank and clean then and see if that not only quiets them down but increases spin time.

Amazing stuff at amazing prices. I prefer the T9 over the T10 myself but I do have both. The N6 is also a great player!

Thanks for the reply! I do agree with everything you say! I have not tried the T9 but I’m planning on getting it and the T5