N9 2012

N9 from Magic Yoyo.

Magic yoyo has established their brand. This is very nice and very stunning. At a time when the European and

the Americans companies for a period of time looking at the Eastern yoyo companies.

Expecting them to make mediocre attempts to make high quality yoyos.But their prejudiced expatiation is

misplaced, because Magic yoyo has done it again.

They made a yoyo of a very high quality. The yoyo is not only competitive pricewise but also yoyoing.


[b]Material Alloy.

Weight 70 gr

Width 40, 4 mm

Diameter 53 mm

Gap width 4.6 mm aprox

Bearing 10 ball bearing Size C

Response silicone pads, can be siliconed

Finish: Two colour anodised and laser engraved.[/b]

I breaking it down and I’m impressed I begin to wonder, is this replacement of the more expensive yoyos?

That question I can’t answer, because some yoers prefers their brand all got a favorite brand. Me my self-

have one too.

Back to review. The bearing are just awesome, I tested the bearing in the N9 of course. Then I removed and

placed it in another brand, a much more expensive brand.

I tried to compare the difference between the two bearings and there were no difference. The N9 got a Dif-E-

Yo Ceramic KK bearing which were used and extremely good

running. And I couldn’t find any difference.

As I’m continuing my testing, I get more and more convinced that magic yoyo have made a masterpiece of a


You could ask about my credentials, Yes I never won a competition. And yes I can play the yoyo. And my

abilities are growing by the hour.

The bind is just what it should be not too tight and not to lose. Ready for next throw.

The yoyo is stable and no vibes, when you throw it rowels like a tiger, it will not get silenced Because of the


I come to like the sound.

The high quality and the playability and the price the esthetic looks. Should make you want this yoyo
The playability you would will eventually discover.

I like this yoyo, no that’s an understatement I think I love it.

I make me wanting more yoyo of this brand, I know now they are one of the best alternatives to established

and much more expensive yoyos. Way to go MagicYoyo!!

New measuring system:

You can only get 2 times 6 bearings in two of the types of bearing: steel, gold, and ceramic.

You get 2 sets of bearings; one of those is the appearance and price of the yoyo.

The other is for performance and smoothness.

Steel equals lowest score. Gold equals medium score. Ceramic equals maximum score.

I’ve given. 6 ceramic bearings for the looks and price.

I`ve given. 6 ceramic bearings for the performance and stability.

That’s top score.

Peter Løvbjerg Laursen, Project Denmark

If your going to rate a yoyo, just use the standard 1/10 scale.

Other than that, good review. I love mine.

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I like mine. I would say it has a nice shape fits in my hand well. It’s kinda small, about the size of the Whip. I’m a total noob so excuze my noobness review. Compared to my American made aluminum throw I would not say the metal has the exact same feel. I don’t know about different types of aluminum 6075 or 7075 whatever I would just say something about this feels like it is less quality. Now on to how it plays- it plays very good but I aint no good so it is hard for me to judge. I can say I really like the concave bering, and this thing can spin for a very long time. The Hubstacks made alot of noise and I don’t know any cool tricks with them. I tried grabbing them and holding it but I was not impressed and I was getting tired of the noise so I took them off. Nice and quiet without them, and maybe faster. Without the hubstacks it wieghs 63 grams with a string. I like the size more and more and I think I will carry this alot. If I bang it on the ground I will be upset but not nearly as mad as if I hit my OD on the ground.

Pix without hubstacks


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Wow, yours is mostly silver

Anybody know when the N10 is gonna be available outside China? Want this soooo badly!!!


Mine is that way too. I think most of them probably are.

Mine’s mostly black.

what is the diffrence between 2011 and 2012 ???


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