Magic yoyo n9

I have been seeing a bunch of magic yoyos on eBay and there really cheap. The n9 looks good how does it play? And how’s the spin time?

Although cheap magicyoyo still makes a pretty nice product. The bearing and response is known to not be up to par at times but those are easily replaced if you run into problems. Even with the current setup it performs well above it’s price range. Add some silicone that you can get from any hardware store for the response along with a clean bearing and you’re all set to go with a top notch throw for very cheap.

I have this one and I love it, plays very well, very floaty and smooth, a little vibe on bad throws but most of the time it’s super stable and centered. And it’s shape makes it super easy to catch.

Now with the hubstacks I will admit it does feel a little slow, but when they’re off it plays a whole lot better.

One more thing, the response is AMAZING, a little grippy at first but after it’s broken in it binds super well!

Oh and the spin time is pretty decent for it’s size and shape, I’ve managed to do some pretty lengthy combos and it still retains it’s spin.

If your worried about the bearing, i have had many n6’s and i have discovered that there are american bearings from places like yoyosam come with a bad bearing, while the jap. One has an awesome cc bearing and is available on ebay. Honestly i would buy a n6 from ebay just for the bearing. the n9 may have a similar situation for their bearing if you plan to get one

Yeah mine came from ebay and it has a concave bearing.