N9 Floating Magic Yoyo


Made of Aluminium alloy that makes it stable and balanced in high speed routines. Great for friends and family. $15.99. Comes with 5 extra string, the yoyo and gloves.

Color: Silver & Black
For age: 8y and up
Series: N9
Weight: 68g
Diameter: 53mm
Width: 40.40mm
Gap Width: 4.72mm
Body Shape: H-Profile
Body Material: aluminium
Hubstacks: Yes (but can easily become removed)
Bearing: Concave KK
Bearing Size: Size C (large)
Twist-apart: Twist-apart

The n9 Magic yoyo is great for a kid. Hubstacks can be easily removed if bothered. Sleeping time is 9 min if you work at it and if you have a strong sleeper.

Not for sale just a review


A nice brief review! I love my magic yoyo n5

(InvaderDust) #3

Please take my comment here lightly, and dont feel attacked or defensive. I want to help you help us. :slight_smile:

My first though - 9 min sleep time on a MYY?! i kinda have my doubts, but i suppose its possible…

Also if this was supposed to be a review, I have a few tips. It seems that nearly everything you said here was copy pasta from manufacturers description of specs. with almost nothing added from YOU, the owner. I dont care so much as to what a manufacturer has to say about their product or how they describe it, but rather matters far more, the word coming from the players, not the makers/sellers, on how it really is, how it plays, sounds, behaves. Is it solid, tilty, floaty, hollow, zippy, sluggish, thunky, brickish, comfy, sharp? I have no idea. This is why we look for written up reviews.

There was only one line of actual review, and even that was questionable. Great for a kid? (If they know how to bind i presume, assuming its unresponsive? I cant tell from the writeup). 9 mins seems like quite a stretch for sleep time. And maybe post more than one blurry pic of the yoyo in review? If you can post one, you can post 5. :wink:

Perhaps im too long winded in my reviews, but this I felt simply missed the mark. Lack of effort, quality, information, lack of insight, lack of play characteristics, just about everything made me wonder.

I knew nothing about this yoyo before reading the review, and after, im still about the same, other than wondering about a 9 min sleep time on MYY. (its possible i suppose, but id like to see it)

Is it heavy or light in the hand? is it fast? is it worth more or less than its cost? Is is loud? Smooth? how does it grind? Its is blasted or polished? Thumb grinds? I cant see the cup so I cant tell how it might play. Rim weight?
My advise is take your time for the next ones and write it out. Copy Paste info isnt very fun or exciting. There is no story, there is too little insight, too few pics. I have a hard time even considering this a review. If I was in the market for a new throw, this would not make me want to buy one, or not buy one (and that kinda is the point, is to help or deter a potential purchase). With so many yoyos in the market every bit of insight helps. Approach it like your helping a friend, giving them every bit of info you can muster so they can make their own decisions.

What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?
Should others buy one or pass?
First impressions? Final thoughts?
What other yoyos might you compare it to either in feel or in play? If you dont have a basis of comparison thats fine! we all start at the beginning. :slight_smile:

Good luck and keep it up!