Good hubstacked yoyo under $30


I really want a good hubstack yoyo with a pretty good spin time and stability. What is a good one for under $30?


There’s a couple Magic Yoyos that are stacked. im not sure about the stability and whatnot, but they are cheap. I hear the n9 is light and floaty but unstable.


I have an N9 and nono it is indeed stable! VERY worth the price though! (I got mine for like, $11)

HOWEVER one thing to consider before getting it for the 'stacks…


Legit! If you can really use them to their full potential, then by all means, totally worth it.

But if you are just doing handstarts then yeeeahh after a while the noise might start to get on your nerves. Very noisey.

I actually took the hubstacks off of mine because it does play a little faster without them and it makes it as quiet as any other throw.