Magic Yo-Yo N9 Floating Skills?


I saw this yoyo online last night and it seemed to good to be true ; a metal yoyo with hubstacks and a concave bearing of some sort for $26? Just wondering your guys thoughts on it



Buy it.

If you can get it for less, then do so. The stacks are noisy and can cause vibration. Once you get over that after like 2 seconds of play, it smooths out a lot.


Lowest I’ve seen is $18 w/ free shipping.

In my opinion, the N9 doesn’t have as big a bang-for-the-buck as the T5. Sure, it plays better than the T5 due to its more normal weight, but the improvement was by only a tiny margin that is not really worth the $10 difference. The T5 really is your best bet.


The n9 is on amazon for 17 bucks.