Magicyoyo n5 n9 or n11

Which do you think is the-
Longest spin
Just plain funnest? (not a word I know)
Quietest? Do the hubstacks on the (n9? Right) make alot of noise?

N12 all the way!

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Those 3 are the only choices for me (trade).

I’ve played all but the n11. The n9 is really light and floaty without the zstacks, but not the most stable yoyo, super loud with the stacks on. The n5 plays not too heavy not too light, pretty fun, somewhat stable. I believe the n11 would be the best choice based on weight distribution and shape.

Are any of them fingerspinable?

the n5 looks like it could but I’ve never tried.

Alright I think im gunna go with the n11. That is if the trade works out at all. Thanks!

Oh wait- are they all the same price?

I don’t think so, I think the n11 is worth the most.

Ohh. Let’s hope its beat atleast a little!

I have the n11. I really like the shape and the wide catch zone. Its a bit slow but is pretty stable I think. It plays heavy. But very easy for catching. Good luck.

if this fits ur style then do the n11, otherwise my next choice would probably be the n5, then n9, but that’s a close tie, both are good

I’ve never really used a hubstacked yoyo but I tried my friends n9 and it’s really fun to use the hubstacks.the yoyo isn’t terribly loud but it’s not too quiet either

Ok thanks! This trade didnt work out though, so I’m not getting any.

the n9 was like 15$ on amazon with extra strings

Im broke haha.