The MagicYoyo n6

Hi guys, today I’m going to give a short review on the magic yoyo n6.
Weight-66 grams
diameter -51.3 mm
Width-41.3 mm
Gap-4.72 mm
Bearing kk 10 ball.
Play and comparison.

This yoyo is small in my tiny hand so if you have big hands, maybe don’t get this throw. This yoyo is pretty smooth and can do all of your string tricks. I compared to a Magic yoyo v8. I’m a younger yoyoer and I’m still growing but this yoyo is pretty small compared to the v8. After i played with the n6 I went and throwed my v8 and it felt like a Off string yoyo in my hand. It felt so big and off but i played it before the n6 and there is a big difference. The next thing i will take about is smoothness. It’s pretty smooth but sometimes it can vibe every now and then so be pretty careful with this one. When compared to the v8, there is a slight difference because the v8 is smoother by a hair. For the width it’s normal and if you like slim and small yoyos this is for you. I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading.