Magic Yoyo V8 Review. {1st review}

Today in the mail I got the magic yoyo v8. Mind you this is my first metal yoyo so I have much to learn about metal yoyo’s in general.
It weighs 66 grams, gap width of 2.9 mm, a diameter of 55 mm, Size c- or C KK bearing and has the right axles for each bearing. It costs about 15 usd to 20 usd.
Now you may be asking, How does it play? Well, to me it 's really smooth and has a good amount of sleep time plus it can handle layers of string and most string tricks. I know basic string tricks and i’m getting into more advanced string tricks like boing e boing and double or nothing. The pads it comes with are 19 mm and are yellow. They give enough friction for it to bind well and it comes back when threw responsive. I compared it to 2 yoyo’s. The UFOyo by Ned.{ned is a company that goes to schools and sells yoyo’s to kids+a message about never giving up etc}, and the duncan freehand pro which is my favorite throw. I realized that the 2 yoyo’s I selected had a huge difference in smoothness. The freehand had alot of vibe after i switched back to it. The UFOyo felt a little vibey but it comes back up with a tug so i knew it had some vibe i guess? I kept on playing with all 3 and I realized that they all serve a purpose. The UFOyo cost 16 dollars but it works good for a yoyo that comes back up with a tug. The freehand was meant to be played as a yoyo that comes back up with a tug but i switched the bearing to a unresponsive one. The V8 is a yoyo that is meant for a higher level/ {competing in contests} Which is above my level. This means that all of these yoyo’s have different people that they appeal to I think that this Yoyo, The V8 is a yoyo that is meant for competing/ higher levels of play or if you want a nice metal yoyo that is unresponsive and responsive if you just change the bearing. I hope this review helps you choose a new throw.


Magic yoyo v8

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Forgot to say when the yoyo was made. It was released in 2023 and made by magic yoyo. To my knowledge I don’t know when it was used to win so maybe i will add that in later some day

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I have several Magic Yoyos. They are generally nice. I keep an N8 ‘Dare to do’ on my desk alongside my RBC. The N8 is a small unresponsive that checks a lot of boxes.

How much is it?

Thanks for the review! The V8 looks like it has a good shape that’s forgiving if you catch it a little off center, along with good weight distribution on the rims.

The UFOyo is an “imperial” shaped yoyo, right? The kind that’s good for classic tricks like Walk the Dog and Around the World?

No. the UFOyo is a butterfly shaped yoyo and can do string tricks

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Magic Yoyo N8 is $15.99
Magic Yoyo V8 is also $15.99

Ok. thanks for prices