Sorry Mark SS

is the super star sorry mark limited edition? or will it restock???

most likely limited…

i’d also like to ask why is it called sorry mark?

This is why.

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This edition is limited. They will not restock

Info credited to YYF’s blog

It’s definitely one of the coolest yoyos I’ve ever seen. Glad I picked one up :wink:

Definitely cool. Looks great in person too. Too bad I don’t really like Superstars… Maybe a Sorry Mark Boss would be better for me ;D

i don’t get what the theme is??

the yoyo made for the guy was based of yoshi because his name is Yoshi Mikamoto


its called sorry mark because mark yoshi yikamato was promised his own edition yoyo and he never got it until the superstar

Great review! :stuck_out_tongue: hint hint