Does anyone know when they happen? Because i wanted to buy the Jensen Kemmit superstar with a new pair of dice stacks. Anyone know?

The Jensen Kimmit Superstar was a limited color way and it will not restock to my knowledge. Your best bet is to go on the b/s/t to find one. Sorry.

But like… they sell them on that national store too. They have to restock eventually right?

[b]Admin Edit: Please do not mention other stores.


but when they make a special limited yoyo they practically make one batch and thats it…

Picture they only have 100 golden apples. The only ones ever. They give 10 to 10 stores. They all sell out. Even though they all had them, they are still gone and will never come back.

That is the best way I can put it.

e.e k thanks guys. Ill pickw hen i have the rest of the money i need.