General Yo Bad Assssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Hello. I was looking through my Facebook to notice that some Bad *** edition Majesties are dropping in a few hours.

I just wanted to know, what is the difference in Bad *** and normal General yo yo-yo’s?

Is it like B-grade or special in some way?

I tried a Google search to no avail, so I’m hoping you guys can help me.

(Owen) #2

nah, Badazz is just a special edition with a skull on it

(SR) #3

Nope, that’s not quite it…

General Yo’s Bad A$$ series, besides the obvious cool engraving of the skull are yoyos that are set aside and considered the smoothest of the entire run. Not only do they look cool but they play the best and are the smoothest as well. So yes, they are special, and pretty much a polar opposite of a B-grade. It’s pretty much as good as a yoyo gets. Learned this awhile back from the man himself.

I have several Bad A$$ General Yo’s and I love them!

(Owen) #4

oh… ive played many badassssss genyos and there aint rally a difference in smoothness from other genyos, and that seems to be the case with + grade compared to a grades. wutevs.


Chance of someone being able to tell a Badass from a regular A grade GenYo in a blind test = 0.0001%. Would be super curious for Ernie to pick out the BA and regular ones and mark the bearing seat before engraving and do a test. Can pretty much guarantee no one would be able to differentiate them.

(SR) #6

I have multiples of each General Yo available, I’ve played them back to back, there is a small difference but there is a difference.


Wow, that is very interesting. Do they generally cost more?

(SR) #8

Sometimes. I’ve paid up to $10 more for a BA, sometimes they cost the same. If they are marked up, it’s very little.

(Owen) #9


I would never pay more for an already-smooth yoyo just because its “extra smooth” I would, however, buy one for a badasss engraving and rarity factor. whatever floats your boat i guess

(SR) #10

The Majesties dropping tonight cost $5 LESS than the regular release did, haha.


I always thought that baped + engraving made BA editions what they are.

(SR) #12


That also wouldn’t work because not all BA editions are baped. Most halves are actually the same color.


So that would mean they are tested before they are ano’d and engraved?

(SR) #14

Not sure if I’m correct on this one, but in the case of B-grades, I believe its after anno to check for anno flaws and vibe but before engraving so that they can be marked with an engraving. It’s safe to assume that it happens during this same process. Could be what you said, but you would have to ask Ernie on that one.


Oh man oh man oh man…

I don’t know…

I want one but I don’t want to drop another 120 on another yo-yo…


(SR) #16

It’s totally worth it if you don’t have a Majesty yet. If you do, you don’t need it. The runs are all similar. But if you don’t you are missin out brah.


I have multiple General-Yo Bad*** yoyos and regular General-Yo yoyos, but I don’t think there is really a difference in smoothness. All a Bad*** Edition General-Yo is it has the engraving and is usually rarer than the regular General-Yos meaning Ernie makes smaller numbers. Another suggestion could be asking Ernie himself by sending him an email. Hope this helped in making your decision. God Bless - Moefv

(SR) #18


Every single throw we make is tested, and finalized by by myself forsmoothness.
Some runs in the past were a bear to get perfectly smooth.
I always wanted to release a few BA editions, and made sure the ones that did were the cream of the crop.
Some runs come out nice…like 90% of the run is smooth as glass.
So it was easy to engrave them BA.
So the BA editions will never be anything less than the best we can make.
So if its gen yo smooth, then its smooth.
I have NEVER increased the price for the BA engravings.


BA on the way