Stardust Ver.2

I can’t believe this yoyo doesn’t have anywhere near the hype it should. Yesterday I traded for, what I was told, a B grade. B grade my a**, this thing is smoother than the H2O I had and I feel like I’m cheating. If you EVER have the chance to grab one DO IT you will not be disappointed. I’ll have a review next week most likely.

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more detail, please. I think I saw one of your reveiws somewhere else, and it was great. oh, and no cussing, please. makes it a lot more enjoyable to read :smiley:

this wasnt meant to be a review, like i said ill have one up next week

Where can I find a stardust yoyo??? I am looking for one.

They are discontinued I believe. They are pretty hard to come by. You might be able to find one on the Buy/sale/trades.