Sorry for my curiosness! :)

Is there other alternative for friction stickers?
I’ll buy a pair of speed beetles.
but i buy some friction stickers. (Maybe 50, here is just 4$=200 i think?)

Or recess the speed beetles with silicone but make it not “flushed” Like YYJ Legecy…(just level or more higher than the surface with the “Digged” surface that you make…)


-Is the Speed Beetle surface is sufficient for silicone recessing?

-As long as it is a Silicone Sealant then it’s ok to apply it right?

(I won’t buy Raider or Sunset’s, because it is pretty expensive and i want to try speed beetle’s for looping, because I’m starting 2A, Thanks For The Tips Jayyo!  :D)

Just stick with Friction Stickers if they are that cheap there.

there are also silicone pads that require a less extreme recess. I also have weird response pads for my fhz that are very thick. They are tan and you might want to look into those!

Friction and Silicone Stickers will both work, but recessing might be interesting. It will allow you to put any type of pad/flowable sili in there (I don’t know how it’ll work on a speed beetle though.)

Kots of pads are made in that size. But the regular duncan stickers are supposed to be a little more aggressive (responsive) which is good for looping. You can try all the pads you want, but the Duncan stickers should be better fitted for looping… they just need a lot of replacements.