friction sticker help

one of my auldey fire diamond (xodus 2 knock off) friction stickers are totally ruined and there are no acc. in egypt and if i order one it will cost like 10 $ which is 57 E.P (Egyptian pounds) so what should i do :wink: :slight_smile:

silicone it if possible put if not then idk

fady, does any store near you sell this?:

It’s used for sealing stuff but also makes an excellent response if the sticker recesses are deep enough.

what kind of stores sell this and its not deep but i will try if i found it

In the US it’s sold at automotive parts stores. Can you post a picture of the sticker recess? We’d probably be able to tell if it’s deep enough from a pic.

if that can help

Unfortunately, that looks too shallow for silicone. You can do a search “homemade friction stickers” and find some info on how to make them yourself. Otherwise, looks like you’ll need to purchase some.

Mabye this will help

Thank you Batryn

i will try it and tell u

good luck

You could always get some flowable silicone and try it. If it comes out really quickly, it’s too shallow, but it’s worth a try. People have said yoyos that use k-pads are too shallow for silicone, but they’re wrong.

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