homemade friction stickers?

when making stickers, could i substitute wax paper for aluminum foil?


you’d be better off just buying flowable.

for a duncan mosquito?

No, don’t use silicone in that. The silicone will just rip out quickly.

As for your question, I really don’t know. I would say just buy the silicone stickers from yoyoexpert. They last pretty long and they play pretty well. And they are not too expensive.

Here’s the link to them:

too late, i just made a rtv silicone sticker and it works pretty well.

will keep updates on how long it lasts and responsiveness

I’ve seen how they made them but making the cuts seems quite tricky…especially to fit in a recess (like the FH). I’ve also heard of using bathtub treads (seems more durable than the silicone), and have wondered about using bike inner tube material (that I am about to experiment with once and if I ever happen to need to replace my bike tube).

oh, yeah, with a mosquito you need pads. sorry

(answered for completeness. Congrats on making your new stickers. Maybe you could make a post to describe what you did.)

Circle punches work wonders.

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