Silicone-ning. :))

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Can Silicone also make the yo-yo more responsive?
what if you put it in a Speed Beetle, an alternative for Duncan Friction Stickers?
Is it ok?


If you’re using flowable silicone, you need some sort of groove to hold the silicone in. If you just lay it around the bearing seat in a yoyo like the Speed Beetle, the friction from the string will rip the silicone right off. :slight_smile:


Sili doesn’t make it more responsive, just gives it tighter binds. But the sili can make the yoyo extremely responsive if it gets into the bearing.

I don’t think its that easy to put it in a speed beetle, the recess is shallow.

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Well, saying that, SOME silicone o-rings do. Somebody said YoYoJam silicone rings are extremely responsive. Mabye because their new. Other brands like Born Crucial, or Any, they can be responsive when not in THEIR yoyos. Duncan Friction/Silicone stickers, sometimes the pad being new could make it responsive. If the pad is more of breaking in, like a k-pad, it can tend to get less responsive, and eventually rip up. (Like my silicone pad in my eight8eight!)


Silicone is generally more responsive than rubber, that’s why it’s usually recessed. You can cut a groove in a Speed Beetle to have it accept silicone. If you can’t do it, you could always send it to a modder to do it for you.

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Thanks Guys!

Question in Speed beetle…
Is the surface (I mean where the friction stickers is sticked with.) is the surface sufficient for drilling down to make a groove and then put silicone?