Sorry, but this deserves its own thread, I feel.

Call me crazy for making a thread about this. But this particular forum does this one particular thing and it drives me bananas.

**Disclaimer: I’m not saying that if you do this, you’re a bad person. I’m just saying that this is something constantly overlooked.

You know how people come and say that they want a yoyo that will sleep longer, and we do the whole, “Oh, it’s all about the person’s skill, and not the yoyo,” schpeil? Well, why is it that we cannot convey that same principle of replacing skill with technology when it comes to crooked throws?

The fact of the matter is, nobody jumps into yoyoing with a perfect throw. It just doesn’t happen. What we do when people ask their whole “rubbing against the side” question, we suggest for them a KK.

NO. First of all, if you use a KK, you don’t fix the problem. And that person will then need a KK for every single yoyo that they get. That person will never have learned how to properly throw. Then, when that person tries to teach other people how to throw, they won’t teach them properly.

This just really irks me. If we tell people to not buy yoyos due to special features that may enhance the play, why would we do that for bearings? It makes no sense to me. Sorry if this topic is kinda unnecessary, but this just REALLY gets to me.


Agreed 100%

Great post.

Yeah, I tell them to learn a strong throw. KKs keep the string off the side, whick may help, but if your throw is weak, its barely doing anything.

You know Xdohl, I think I lost some respect for you just now. How on earth could you not suggest a KK. Don’t you know that all the BIG names use them?

Ok I hate kk’s also. They ruin the chance of getting REAL good and keeping the sport at a level oc correct learning. Great Post bro.

thats true, makes us kind of hypocritical…

Great post. :wink:

Having never used a KK I have to ask: Do they really make that big of a difference? It seems to me that if your throw is off enough to rub the walls then it’s gonna rub them no matter what. I figure the KK was made to make a good throw better not make a bad throw good. Don’t get me wrong–I’d really like to try one and likely will before too long–I’ve been wondering this about KK’s for a while now.

I agree completely.