kk or center trac

^^^^^self explanatory^^^^^

i would say the center track because the kk only makes noise that i hate ( i may have done something wrong thought) the center track is cheaper and its a good buy

Kk forever…smooth and not nosy when lubed…

Btw have any of you guys take a liking to yyj’s SPEED bearing? They spin super long and super loud even with lube…


Flat. Learn how to throw correctly and you’ll never need a kk or center track.

good point

yep, and you have more choices

I say KK, But good throw is better.

the center trac also make a whole mess of noise

Why can’t it be KK and good throw? Even if your throw was perfect it would still help especially when it slows down.

I think it goes something like this?: If you can’t do all your tricks without a KK/center trac don’t get one. A good throw is more rewarding than a KK. And a good throw doesn’t cost any money.

Addment: Stock bearings should do the trick.

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I woud have to agre w/ most on this one, a good throw is the best way to go, but I have to admit, I have a Center Trac and love it.

You already have metal yoyos, and they already spin longer than you need them to stock.

So, instead of buying another yoyo, just practice.

But you don’t love it because you need it. When you start buying these bearings because you’re oh so mad at the string for not staying where you want it and shortening your sleepers, you’re better off not buying them at all.

Buy these bearings because you want to try them out, or buy them because you like how they feel during play. But I won’t recommend that you buy them because you think they will help you.

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Good throw. The KK or Center Trac doesn’t improve anything if you have a bad throw IMO…



BOTH of my SPEED Bearings arent noisey AT ALL. I honestly cant tell if the yoyo is even spining if close my eyes lol

Yeah… Mine isn’t loud at all. My Speeder’s Pre-Speed Bearing is very noisy.

Who said he ever needed it? Maybe he loves it because of the feel…

not a speed because it is an 888