soon to be spinsane yoyoer!


yea i honestly don’t see the big thing to talk about

I don’t understand what this thread is about. I’m confused.

it rep. team spinsane

Cant tell if trolling or not

really u guys? he just wanted to post a video…

The first person to start the troll, was a freaking mod.
Grow up JHB seriously, you act like a spoiled child, if you want to have the little super global moderator tag, how about you act like one, quit trolling, you and Icthus love to troll the kiddies, but then you also want people to respect you ??? Why ?
If you call yourself a mod, act like one,and that can include locking my account for all I give a rats ass, calling out a 12 yr old who posted a video is just pathetic, there are no other words for it.

I thought that was a great video! Just unsure if spinsane is referring to a team or something. I think that you have some awesome tricks and a really cool style, keep at it! ;D

People need to use their Google or something to look up what “troll” means.

Like, hahaha.