New yoyo/spintop team

I have decided to come up with a yoyo/spintop team called core-spin the whole perpose is to say you are apart of a cool yoyo or if you are a spin toper a cool spintop team just send me a vid. of you yoyoing or spintoping if you cant send me a vidio just a trck you have larened reacently.

thanks, yoyoninjaboy7

cool ,but if you’d like we could just join together and create 1 big team. My team, team spinfreaks, is for yoyoers and spintopists, and has 9 people on it inclusing me ;D

No because i want to be 2 be 2 diff. Teams srry

Teams are sort of pointless…

I dunno man, u shud join my team instaed. We chat and stuf and say were ona team and get a siggy from googleimages. its pretty dope dude yeah awesome

teams are not pointless its about the ommunity, and bragging to it


Also mockery.

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Wannabe teams are so silly.

hai guiz, if u went to be on mai team ten pm me k, we r rlly gud and we cn liek do cool stuff and its cool.
we r guna be liek sponserd team and b liek rlly gud, and mabee we cn make liek shirts and stuf 2 and be gud like yyf contest team 2.
pm me and lets talk abit it and b so cool.
lets pwn all teh other teems and b teh best 2 and maybe we may all b so gud that yyf wil sponser us, lets m8k vidz 2 k, so we can be faymouse and win werlds and stuf

k pm me, and sebskribe to my utube sub 4 sub k, and hay we can vid batoll 2, cuz ten ppl c how gud we r.

k guiz
pm me lets b cool 2gather.

One thing I love about all these “teams” is that the person who starts the team is usually around 12 years old.

I mean, I love the enthusiasm, but yoyoing isn’t exactly a team sport unless you are sponsored and payed to do it.

Hehe, you silly.

Yes I am. 8)

I’m not a grammar Nazi by any means, but your sentence should at least be intelligible. I have no idea what i just read.

Then you need to study English again. It’s not like it was that bad. He’s probably young and eager. Give him a break.

Anyone else wanna take a shot at him won’t like it.


dude ill join