Would love to hear your guys’ feedback on my latest video.

Great video! Makes me feel like I need to quit, or go practice. I wish I was that good LOL.

Haha well I’m glad you liked it. Definitely don’t quit though.

Honestly, I think I’m about as good as you and haven’t posted a video lately simply because ever since I got back into yoyoing a few months ago after a 2 year hiatus I’ve felt like all of the new yoyo videos I’ve seen recently are at a much higher level than where I’m at now, very different from 2-4 years ago. I guess the overall community is just progressing but I didn’t feel like I was good enough to post a meaningful video with good enough tricks that people would want to watch.

That’s not a knock to you, I might just be too hard on myself or overthinking things. I still thought it was a great video, I see some interesting elements. Might even make a new video cuz of this :slight_smile:

Yeah you definitely should. I would love to watch a video from you. It’s been quite awhile.