Ahhhhh I’m panicking. I need music for Calstates, but I can’t find one I want. My play style: Relatively Fast, slacks and whips, not many horizontals, mostly tech. Please helllllp

This song pretty much fits anything, so you’d probably be good with it.

I was thinking this

But if this doesn’t work, I have tons of other suggestions…

Keep going! Both were close, but not exactly!

Ok I might actually use that. I’m still very open to suggestions

Would something like this be better?

I liked your first one better! I like some lyrics and some that kicks up within 1:00 because a prelim that only builds and then the music ends, is like daheck?

If you want lyrics sooner, edit the music on a computer so it starts later.  Take the music file and cut off everything that is before the place where you start.  I don’t know a good program, though. The crowd would go so wild with this song in the background dude


Appropriate if you want to put them to sleep and give them the most climactic dreams of their young lives. you gotta hit it with this though, it gets pretty quick, and slows down, then speeds up.

Truth be told, I don’t listen to Major Lazer as much as I used to. I’m going back in time and listening to Beastie Boys alot these days. I do like those tracks though. Thanks for the reminder, buddy.

These guys are no where near similar to Major Lazer, but it’s always something I have fun throwing to

Look audacity, its free and will allow you do basically any simple editing to audio.

You could use Microsoft Movie Maker, or even Real Player or Movier