Song I made What do you all think?

whoa! cool!

Thanks :smiley:

There’s too much Skrillex in this. I’ve never liked dubstep, but your pretty cool.
Try making something completely original and break away from the crowd of Transformers-sounding music.

This would make a good apocolyptic video game intro.

This is awesome! This is what dubstep should be. Not some Skrillex moron going “;alndgpaognpadpgasodjng;jfbpudgpaubgr WUBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWBUBWUBWUBWUB :ALKf;ad;lkaf;sfd;klajdfkaksjfbashifisgg” in all of his songs. This is pretty chill and has a catchy hook. I dig.

Whoa! How do you do this?

I use Reason 5. Just takes time and patience.