Good dubstep program for Mac

Does anyone know any good dubstep making programs for Mac? Thank you in advance.

I don’t know any good programs for “dub step.” Most people who want to make their own “dubstep” just end up making a techno beat.

The only way to make good electric music, is to actually sit down at a giant sound board and start getting creative. Making stuff on a computer usually results in something short of the finish line.

TL;DR no I don’t know any good software.

Starting out with techno/house beats is a smart idea as it’s easy and it lets you learn how sampling/sequencing software works. The most used sampling/sequencing software around are Cubase, Reason, Pro tools, Logic and Ableton. These things do cost a hefty lot of money though, but don’t be too scared. If you are planning to go halfway serious into this, you should at one point consider buying an external soundcard for your computer, as onboard soundcards are simply not suited for production, most of these come with some form of software package. You will also want that soundcard for the eventual MIDI keyboard that you simply can’t figure out how to plug into your computer.

EDIT: The reason why most people who use computer software only end up making techno beats instead of dubstep is because they often limit themselves to one piece of pirated software interface, leaving them not only with very limited synth samples and VST plugins, but also with a highly limited workspace which often results in production being a lot more work-demanding than it would otherwise. The need for a “giant soundboard” is not necessarily a need. A good working interface with a good databse of sounds can easily net you the same results. The object here is to use your computer as a soundbourd, which is fully possible with today’s technology.

EDIT2: Remember that Google is your friend. I just found this.
Not sure if it is to any help, but typing in “dubstep software” and pressing enter got me there in a matter of seconds.

This is probably one of the best resources I have ever had the opportunity to read through. It discusses hardware, software, techniques, theory, and more.