Dubstep artists

Besides Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Dave Crowe(the dubstep beatboxer!) who are some good dubstep artists?

I’m bothered by the fact that you created a thread relating to dubstep, yet you managed to name three people who are not primarily dubstep producers. DeadMau5 is first and foremost electrohouse, Skrillex makes brostep, and beatboxing ≠ dubstep.

Go listen to some Skream, Loefah, and Horsepower Productions.

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Rusko and Ephixa.

Benga, Coki, J. Rabbit, Blackmill, The Widdler, Flux Pavillion, Bassnectar.

I don’t know that much about dubstep. I created this thread to find out more about it. BTW, Dave Crowe can actually beatbox dubstep. Sorry if that bothered you.

OfficialOmnivore, DJAelxs are my favorites… (I don’t listen to much)

Love to see this thread have replies listing artists who are actually dubstep producers, and none of that brostep garbage.

Benga, Skream, Artwork as individual producers, and also as a trio Magnetic Man.
Love old school dubstep. I mean, original dubstep.
Eat that, Skrallex.