So where are the Chase Haddens and Jensen Kimmitts out there that enjoy producing?
Let’s see the gear and hear the music.

I’ve been exploring different sounds and producing for the last year. I have a background in orchestra but stopped in high school because there was no program for it.

I’m almost exclusively into hiphop.

Computer is a 15’’ Macbook Pro with a secondary display up top.
I use Maschine with the Komplete software to produce my beats and Garageband for converting files and small editing.
I have two KRK Rokit 5’s as my main studio monitors and a Sony MDR-V700 for another form of monitoring.
I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as my audio interface.

This is my latest track that I’m sharing. I’ve got some other stuff I can’t show yet.

Let’s see your stuff!

Last year I was totally into producing Dubstep and Electro.

Here are a few tracks I made.

Everything was done in Protools using Native Instruments, Waves Complete, & an Axiom 25. I also played and resampled some guitar riffs.

The vocals for “Poetry In Motion” were recorded using a Sterling ST77 and an Mbox Mini.

Bit Destroyer is the named I used for my latest electronic music project.

If you’re using the RockIt 5’s, get the 10" sub, you really need it, especially for the kind of music you’re producing. You also need to do room correction for each monitor speaker/amp set up.

I mostly work with bands who can perform. My entire production rig is designed around live sound reinforcement. You can see little bits of it at CalStates and BAC for those attending.

At the moment, I’m doing some playing around with Ableton Live Launchpad Edition and the Twitch with Serrato Itch. These are mostly to give me options at yoyo contests. I will be getting the Push system after I get some gear repaired or replaced.

Just Got an mpd18
Here is my first attempt at a beat.

I got the Rockit5’s and no sub. No room correction, either. My mixes suck. Headphones for the win!

But the Rockit5’s are making pretty dandy computer speakers. ;D

Just finished a track with Gilli Conway; check it out!

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