Music producers?


Does anyone make any type of music here? besides yo-yoing, music production is my main hobby!  ;D
i would appreciate it A LOT if you could at least give one song a listen  ;D


Yup I DJ, and produce electronic music for fun aside from being a drummer, guitarist , trombonist and I can play mandolin too as well plus I’m a drummer for a metal band

The track sounds really good! I like it keep up the good work!


I make some hip hop/trap beats, play percussion, and wanna start DJing soon!


I DJ and I want to start making some beats!

(WildCat23) #5

I write prog metal, but I don’t think that’s what you are looking for…


I produce hip hop! Here is my first album:

I’m also on soundcloud.

I checked out your chill stuff, very nice!


I would recommend a maschine mikro, awesome for starting out.


I have wanted one for so long… I’m just using iMashine right now.


Cool stuff man! I really enjoy the improvement that you had from you beats like 7 months ago. I really dig your style!

As for me, I play the trumpet and bass guitar, and concentrate on more of the jazz and classic rock feel. I am trying to get into the electronic music field. but I need to save some money up for reason :smiley:


Is the maschine mikro the same thing that Jensen used in those videos?


i was a huge frooty loops user like 6 years ago XD, but havent done much since
Angel wings 6.0+crack XD old school

sorry i just had to XD