Anyone producing any music?

What’s going on with your setup? I’m getting my daughter into making music and want to see what others are doing and looking for some advice on good starting equipment.

I kinda just record vocals under my bed sheets and just a 40$ CAD U37.
It works pretty well for me :slight_smile:

I don’t think she’ll be doing any vocals right now. Just some electronic stuff. Keyboard, etc…

First you’ll need a computer and soffware. Maschine is great to start with it comez loaded with sounds all tho its not a keyboard you can add a keyboard to it. Or you can start with Fl studio its also a great starter but you will have to buy a midi keyboard.

Just hang sheets around where shes gonna do the music, so there is no reverb and just clear sound :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips. I’ve got FL right now so I’ve been messing with that a little… just looking to make it easier for her to get into.

Buy a mini keyboard or a mini mpc show her around the software and how to add fx to the sounds it will make it way fun

I never though about using sheets for soundproofing, brilliant.

Ain’t it? I literally get my mic. sit on my bed. Cover my entire body, and my Laptop and mic under my blanket, then the screams/singing etc. will have no reverb :smiley:

Heck, I use Garage Band and it is just fine. If you’ve got an IPad, just buy it for $5

here is something my brother uses -

it’s similar to FL studio, and it’s free.

You don’t want to know my setup haha. I have a 16 track Fostex hard disk recorder, an old version of Studio Vision, which they don’t make anymore (I don’t think), and I have a lot of sound modules, and instruments. I have a few condenser mics, mixers, samplers, compressor, effects units. I’m old school, but I get the job done haha.

A lot of people I know are using Fruity Loops, Reason and Pro Tools. I’ll transition soon as well. I just haven’t been doing as much with music lately as I used to.

I do want to see your set-up TotalArtist! Don’t be stingy! :wink:

I have a travel studio,I stick it in the closet with some foam for better soundproof ;Dand I rock pro tools 10 with Blue Baby bottle mic with Blue Pop filter and a reflextion filter around it. The mic is running into my old mbox mini into my beats laptop.
I also have a Blue Bluebird mic ;D

Sweet stuff man@! I like it

I used to msss with my s2 dj controller with s1 controller
I tend to try and make beats for my cuzin C merk check him out on soundcloud
I have a white maschine mk2
and a old mpk49

I like man. You have some nice equipment.

Thank yu buddha
If yu wanta get yur kid a setup start with a non pricey mic and a audio interface. Then add as yu go ;D

You can get surprisingly far with GarageBand, a cheap audio interface and a MicroKorg. It’s not the most amazing setup, but it’s a good synth that offers many possibilities for anyone starting working with audio.

I would go with a simple laptop recording set up connected to her keyboard and I would get a mixing board for sound adjustment numark is a good brand to start with and I would just get her a teacher for keyboards unless she’s like me and can teach herself by listening to music