sometimes the most expensive yoyo isnt the best fit

i have a small collection includeing an 888 and an x convict and a leagacy and i use the x-convict the most the leagacy next and my 888 like never
so some times the most expensive yoyo with the full metal body and all the guns and wistles isnt the best yoyo for you similar thoughts experiences oposit views this is just what ive found

This might be an issue of preference as well. If you like V-shaped yoyos and you have a G&E 4 and a Speeder, the choice is obvious. And if you play your X-ConVict more, it might be because you like the shape, size and weight better.

Addment: I play my Speedmaker more than my M1 because the silicone is curing.

yeah maybe its prefrence but this is smore a food for thought statment the factual

When I was learning I bought a $5 wooden yo-yo and a $40 ‘bearing’ yo-yo (no need to bash :wink: ). For almost 6 months i thought the bearing yo-yo was junk because it didnt work as well as my wooden yo-yo.

lol, noob.

Edit: I kid, I kid! :stuck_out_tongue:

But still, lol.

For shame :stuck_out_tongue:

In a no offence kinda way - I’d trade my X-con, Legacy and maybe PGM… I love 888s :stuck_out_tongue:

This talk about “No yoyo is better than the other” comes up a lot, but I can defend myself!!!(Made up for my stupidity Up There ^^^^)

I traded my 09 G5 for an M1… I know, I am inspirational to everyone but please, I am just saying: I own you all.

-Evan :wink: