yoyo question please help

I’m a new yoyoer and I was wondering why whenever a person post a question like

People tell them its just preference or It doesn’t really matter there all good yoyos.
This usually happens on more expensive yoyo questions.

My question is (for those who have tried yoyo’s like 888,torino,gnarwahl,spy pro,g5, ect…
Does it really matter which yoyo you get or do they basically do the same thing and its just personal
preference. I know there’s going to be differences like shape,size, weight but I think you get my general idea. Thanks for your help  ;D ;D

Most of the modern yoyos (with some exceptions) will be great.
and yes most of it comes from personal preference

it is mostly personal preference, but there are also differences like speed and stability, and smoothness and somesuch

Its preference.

Because that’s what it really comes down to. Most yoyos produced today play well, even at the lower price points. It all comes down to the weight, shape, and size preferences you have, as well as skill level to some degree. There is no best yoyo. I think this has been posted many times.

Questions like this are really hard to answer.

There’s really no starting point to make a recommendation. People need more information than this.

Yea basically all yoyos can play great it’s preference and the person playin with yoyo

There is a small and big difference in certain yoyos. Some people like only certain shapes and some yoyos just feel different when you play them.