I am thinking about getting the sOMETHING Angle or Superfly. Are they worth the price?

first, wrong section. This belongs in the help and recommendation section.

To answer the question, It is ultimately up to the end user. If I say it’s worth it, and then you get it, and don’t like it, you would ultimately say it is my or YYE’s fault for recommending it. If we don’t recommend it, you would probably not get it, or get it and love it, and think we are stupid.

But to REALLY help you… I think they both LOOK (I never tried either) amazing. They are designed by Hiroyuki Suzuki. 3x World Champion, and been YoYoing since a very young age. I honestly think it would be worth it if you did buy it. It also depends. Is it too much money that if you buy it and hate it, you couldn’t replace it? or does it only cost a minor blip for you?

I’d say go for it. I am a big fan of Japanese designed Yo-Yo. Especially since Mickey is the designer. I have no doubt it is as good or better than any high end Yo-Yo out there.

Thank you. I’m sorry this is in the wrong section. How do I move it?

Hey, no worries. I’m sure a mod will move it for you soon enough